Apache JAMES is a Java based mail server. You can read more about JAMES here.

You may want to run JAMES as a Windows Service. Luckily, the JAMES installation includes a utility for creating the service. See steps below to use this utility.

1. Install the Windows service

a. Open a MS-DOS prompt and type

cd <james_install>\bin
wrapper -i ..\conf\wrapper.conf

The system will respond with “wrapper  | James Mail Server 2.3.2 installed.”

Note: If you get “access denied” then change the MS-DOS command to run as Administrator

a. Click Start > All Programs

b. Select “Accessories” right click on “Command Prompt” icon

c. Click the “Shortcut” tab and select “Properties”

d. Click the “Advanced” button

e. Check the box that says “Run as Administrator”.

f. Click OK and close the dialog

2. Verify the Windows service

a. In the Control Panel, verify the service exists: James Mail Server 2.3.2

b. Start the service

Removing the Windows Service

At a later time, if you’d like to remove the service, you can type:

wrapper -r ..\conf\wrapper.conf