I found some very good material at the JavaOne web site. All of the presentations are available online for free 🙂

Rethinking Best Practices with Java EE 6
Although you can build Java EE 6 applications with only a fraction of the code that’s necessary with J2EE, many projects are still based on bloated and exaggerated J2EE patterns and best practices. This session discusses how to build lean applications in a productive and maintainable way.

Practical Performance: How We Made NFL.com Faster
From the deployment architecture through the Java EE stack (persistence, container, threading) and out through the content delivery network, speakers from the National Football League share their journey in making the platform significantly faster and more stable under higher load. They address issues found in all layers of the system.

Java for Legacy Code Re-engineering
As more and more IT shops look at migration plans to move from COBOL to Java, a distinct and interesting set of problems is evolving. As such, a majority of modernization roadmaps involve a lengthy coexistence of Java and COBOL assets, creating new and distinct patterns of interlanguage operation for Java. This session provides an overview of the evolution of this mixed-language space and delves into various gaps and challenges that have been observed.