In this video we will learn how to connect a Java GUI to a MySQL database. We will link database tables to keep track of an employee’s audit history.

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About the Program

This program allows a user to add and update employees. Each action on the employee is tracked in the audit_history table.
This demonstrates the linking of database tables. In this case, the audit_history table is linked to the employees table and users table.

To Run the Program

1. Run the MySQL DB script: sql/table-setup.sql
– This script has two new tables: audit_history and users

2. Open the Project in Eclipse
– Run the main program:

3. Login to the application
a. At the login screen, select any employee from the drop-down list
b. The password field is not used, you can skip it
c. Press OK to login

Note: at this point, all of your employee actions will be associated with the user that you just logged in as.

4. Add a new employee
– Click the “Add Employee” button
– Fill out the employee info and save the employee

Note: the employee is saved and a new record is added to the audit_history table

5. View the Audit History
– Select the same employee from the list
– Click the “View History” button
– You will see the actions performed on this employee

You can perform similar actions for update employee.


SQL Table:
The audit history is stored in the table:  audit_history

You can use the following SQL to view the entries in the table:

SELECT history.user_id, history.employee_id, history.action, history.action_date_time, users.first_name, users.last_name
FROM demo.audit_history history, demo.users users

Download Java Source Code