In this video tutorial, I will show you how to export Eclipse projects.

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Video Transcript

Time – 00:00
Hi this is Chad (shod) with Welcome back to another tutorial on Eclipse. In this video you will learn how to export Eclipse projects.

Time – 00:10
When you want to share your project with other developers, you can simply export the project. Eclipse will create a zip file of your project and this will include your source code and project settings. Another developer will be able to use your project by simply importing the project. If you’d like to learn how to import a project, check out my other video on importing projects.

Time – 00:30
To export your project, right click the project and select export. Then go to general, choose archive file, click next. Choose browse and give it a file name. In this example we’ll give Hit save and go ahead and click the option to Use Zip. Once that’s finished, go ahead and select finish.

Time – 01:08
At this point, Eclipse created a zip file for you on your file system. Let’s go to our file system and verify that the file is there. Here you can see This project was exported successfully.

Time – 01:24
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