In this video you will learn how to import projects in Eclipse.

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Video Transcript

Time – 00:00
Hi, this is Chad (shod) with Welcome back to another tutorial on Eclipse. In this video, you’ll learn how to import projects in Eclipse. Okay, let’s get started.

Time – 00:12
On my website, I would download some sample projects, so I’ll go to On this page, there is a link to download the source code. It’s a zipped Eclipse project. I’ll select the link and I’ll download it to my computer.

Time – 00:30
Now on Eclipse, I’ll import the project. I’ll right click, I’ll select Import, and then I’ll choose General and then Existing Projects into Workspace. Select Next. I’ll select the archive file, then I’ll choose Browse, and I’ll browse over to that file that was just downloaded. I’ll hit Open. Then, I’ll select the project and then I’ll hit Finish. Now, we have the project imported.

Time – 01:14
During the import, Eclipse extracted the zip file to your workspace directory. On your file system in your project workspace, you’ll see a newly created project folder. In this example, it’s Eclipse tutorial.

Time – 01:29
We can move back to Eclipse to run our program. This will confirm that everything was imported successfully. Great job.

Time – 01:38
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