I’m currently reading Rapid Development – Taming Wild Software Schedules, by Steve McConnell. I must say that this is a book that I can’t put down. When I first received the book about three weeks ago, I started thumbing thru the book and found myself pulled in by the various topics: classic mistakes, software estimation, death march, etc.  I bought this book based on a number of glowing Amazon reviews. The interesting thing is that the book was released in 1996. However, Steve  McConnell’s coverage of the topic is timeless. He discusses agile methodologies before they were called “agile” and before the hype. He also covers a number of other software methodologies . Steve’s approach is that each software project is different. So depending on the project, you need to choose the appropriate methodology based on the project.

I will write more on this book in the coming weeks. If you have been a part of a wild software schedule (who hasn’t?) then I recommend that you pick up a copy of this book.