Remote Deployment of WAR files with Tomcat

This post will show you how to perform a remote deployment to Tomcat. I am a big fan of remote deployment. During development, I normally have a remote dev server and remote QA server. At times, I need to deploy my web application to these remote servers.  I find it easier to deploy my web app by simply invoking an [...]

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Tomcat 7: Real Soon Now

The new version of Tomcat 7 is coming real soon now. Tomcat 7 is aimed at supporting the new Servlet 3.0 spec. At the time of this writing Tomcat 7 is at "release candidate 2" status. Last weekend, I pulled down the source code from the Tomcat Subversion trunk. It was quick and easy to create a local build. I [...]

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Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Rocks!

For the past three years, I have been using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to build web applications. I am very impressed with the framework and the functionality it provides. In short, GWT allows you to build a AJAX web application using Java. I'm using GWT for the following reasons... Allows me to leverage my existing Java expertise Development style is [...]

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